His dream of generating employment through hundred thousand jobs in India stems from his childhood upbringing. His Father’s incredible devotion and contributions for his people in their village in Kutch (Gujarat) bestowed Harshad of the goodwill and legacy to which he still is the beneficiary.

His Father used to say that his village is his home and villagers are the family. Harshad echoes similar feelings for his company and employees, saying “AIFL is my home and I make sure all the needs of my family – my team members are taken care of”.


Prior to launching AIFL, Harshad relentlessly worked for ~8 years with no single personal leave. The first 3 years from 1993 to 1996 at Vimal Matching Center was his learning ground. The young lad focused to serve the lady customers who came to his store with honesty, logic, and childlike enthusiasm.

During the day, Harshad would manage the display, stock, finances, and of-course sales. After dinner, till midnight, he would study – what designs worked, why some products have a high demand, what made the customers buy and other business philosophies from his experience during the day. He applied his insights and learnings every day thus augmenting the store sales by 10X. He continues to be a keen student of global trends and very intuitive to the happenings in the fashion world.


Smart execution of strategies differentiates Mr. Thakkar amongst other leaders in industry. Perfectionist, Audacious, and Trustworthiness best describes him. His success and pristine credibility is nothing but an outcome of his integrity, values, and ethics.


Harshad is known for his words, his friendliness, and humble nature earning him great respect and love – not just from his employees but even from his distributors, shareholders, and investors. His intuitive business acumen and flair to connect to the hearts and minds of the people have helped him to lead with glory.


Leading his team with utmost maturity, competence, and focus, he is also a risk taker, big thinker, and highly decisive. This has led Valentine to be amongst the five best known brands in the innerwear segment in India. His ability to boldly speak the truth and project his confidence has won him hearts amongst his industry leaders. Harshad demands loyalty and bestows loyalty.


Commitment to his Passion and his Dream

He is truly committed to his passion, his dream, his Valentine and believes in being the best or simply nothing. A smart CEO who has a strong design sense, loves to finish what he starts, and believes that an INR 800 crores company today is only a beginning.