It was April 10, 1991 his father’s untimely death completely changed the childhood dynamics of young Harshad. Till a day prior, not a single day would go without the family not receiving complains about his mischievousness.

That day 10th April, everything changed. The child in him suddenly grew up. He knew he had financial responsibilities to shoulder, expectations to fulfill, and dreams to achieve of his own.


In April of 1993, the very day after he wrote his final papers for grade 10, Harshad left his palatial home in Kutch, Gujarat and set off for the city of dreams, Mumbai, where, his father’s elder brother graciously welcomed him home. Upon him asking, “Son, do you want to study or work?” Young Harshad chose to work and there, began his journey into intimate and fashion wear at the mere age of 15 years.

After working for 3 odd years at Vimal Matching Center, Harshad expressed his desire to start a business in intimate wear. That’s when his Uncle advised him to first understand the complete business and get more experience and expertise.


He soon started working as a sales person for an upscale Lingerie Store in South Mumbai. This stint gave him even more exposure to understanding young aspirational customers, global fashion, and wearable creative designs.

The owner of this store was so impressed with young Harshad’s zeal, integrity, and hard work that he offered him a working partnership which Harshad politely declined. Harshad’s dream was to start his own business and he told his boss, “I want to manufacture, design, brand, and retail my products.” The rest is history.


If you would meet him today, you will find a simple down to earth person who carries a magical aura of magnetism, influence, and authority. As the Chairman and Managing Director of Ashapura Intimates Fashion Limited (AIFL), which houses the brands “Valentine” and “Tricci”, Harshad Thakkar is a large-hearted boss who spends more time with his team members than his family.


Harshad carries a great respect for loyalty and does not tolerate deceit, deception, and dishonesty. He has been greatly inspired by his grandfather who practiced integrity to the core. He also inherited his craving for hard work, being humble, and honest from his grandfather. Harshad’s grandmother played an instrumental role in his upbringing as she groomed him to respect discipline and being gentle at heart.

Harshad acclaims his father for his ability to take risks in life. Oratory skills and ability to connect with people is in Harshad’s DNA. He has received unconditional support from his mother and wife and today, his son looks up to him as his role model.


Harshad never went to a fashion technology school nor a university however, he completely understands the fashion quotient and its impact. He often quotes, “Stylish dressing can lift people’s confidence. No wonder when people go for wedding events, they feel so good and confident.”

A very content man yet highly ambitious to make his brands global and achieve the position in Top 3 Global brands ranking in the intimate fashion wear industry. Harshad often says, “Had I been highly educated, I wouldn’t be taking the risks I easily take now!”

The Nomad Dreamer

Besides work, Harshad enjoys working out, staying fit and is inclined to travel the world. He has a special admiration for lions and often visits South Africa on safaris. His definition of an ideal travel is; traveling like a nomad, eating simple food to experience local culture, and of course, catching up a good night’s sleep in a five-star hotel.