Harshad Thakkar The Fashion Conscious Bold CEO

His greatest passion lies in conceptualizing his ideas to fruition using smart strategizing,
high-quality fashionable yet functional products, with flawless execution.


He is a simple down to earth person with a dream to create one lakh jobs. He carries a magical aura of magnetism, influence, and authority.

Personal Power

Harshad’s passion, instinct for fashion, enterprise drive, robust distribution network, brand visibility, and a passionate design focused team.

Business Results

His end-to- end integrated fashion house is the largest relax wear brand in the world with a market capitalization of ~ 800 crores.


Started with a personal seed capital of INR 4 lakhs, transitioned from SME to NSE in just a span of 24 months. His empire now caters to 80% of India’s market.

The Future

The company is positioned for massive growth because of its high return on equity, low debt (soon to be a debt free company), brand equity, growing exports, and strong leadership.

Harshad affirms, “This is just a beginning, what I really want to do I have not yet done, and yes there are more growth and development plans for the company”.

His Enterprise

Ashapura Intimates Fashion Limited is an end-to- end integrated fashion house that manufactures,
designs, brands, distributes, and retails products; all in house.


The Brand’s earnest desire is to provide customers happy clothing and give a perfect experience to relax, unwind, and savor their lingering happiness.


Producing the A to Z of relax wear, night wear, innerwear, maternity wear, honeymoon sets, bathrobes, leggings, sports wear, and kids wear.

Product Portfolio

Providing our customers a perfect experience to relax, unwind, and savor the lingering happiness.